American Brides Slide 11

Four contemporary wedding dresses in white gallery on white mannequins

Designed by Chelsea Bell
Wedding gown of pale rose silk taffeta in a strapless sheath-style with a full gathered skirt below the knee and fabric floral embellishments at right shoulder and lower skirt. Chelsea Creech married Brian Bell in an outdoor ceremony near Austin, Texas. Several designs by Ines di Santo inspired her to create her dream wedding gown.
Courtesy of Chelsea Bell

c. 2007
Designed by Janie Stidham
Dress and jacket of oyster-white silk with bead and feather embellishment. Custom designed for Lari Gibbons, this dress is titled “Arctic Bliss.” Gibbons was married in Alaska and wanted a dress that expressed the Alaskan climate. With this in mind, Janie Stidham chose a cool gray satin embellished with bead trim to reflect light.
Courtesy of Lari Gibbons

Designed by Victor Costa
Wedding gown of white silk satin with a sleeveless bodice in piped satin rows, and a cone shaped skirt of geometric cut-outs. Worn by Patricia Barlerin Farman-Farmaian at her wedding to Prince Alexander Farman-Farmaian. October 1, 1994, at St. James Episcopal Church, Madison Ave., New York City. Inspired by an Italian gown the bride saw, she and Victor Costa kept it secret from everyone- including the mother of the bride- until the wedding.
Gift of Patricia M. Patterson
Texas Fashion Collection, University of North Texas

Designed by Zigwai Remy Odukomaiya
Wedding gown of white Duchess silk, silk gauze, and dupioni silk embellished with hand-coiled medallion appliques on bodice, with a full gathered skirt. The title of this dress is “Bliss.” Zigwai Remy Odukomaiya crafted the coils of fabric using traditional Nigerian Basket-making techniques as her inspiration.
Courtesy of Zigwai Remy Odukomaiya