Fashion Archives

Pink wedding dress, gown by Victor Costa
Victor Costa wedding dress of pink net and embroidery (1992),
gift of the Doris I. Dixon estate. Photo by Elizabeth Lanvin.

The UNT Texas Fashion Collection is dedicated to the preservation and documentation of historically significant fashion and serves as an educational and inspirational resource for students, researchers, and the general public. This vital resource is part of the UNT College of Visual Arts and Design.

About the Physical Collection

The collection of top designers' works began in 1938 through the efforts of Stanley and Edward Marcus. The Dallas Fashion Group saw that it came to UNT in 1972 to support a growing fashion design program. Today, the collection includes nearly 20,000 garments and accessories spanning 250 years and including examples from five continents.

At this time, the Texas Fashion Collection is undergoing extensive inventory and documentation in preparation for providing online access to all objects that have been photographed.

About the Digital Collection

Through a partnership with the UNT Libraries, a portion of the TFC's physical holdings has been photographed, described, and made available online through the Libraries' portal.  This important resource expands the accessibility of artifacts both intellectually and geographically.

Digitization efforts have been generously supported by Gloria and Bruzzy Westheimer, as well as the UNT Diamond Eagles Society, a group whose gifts are pooled together to fund an annual high-impact campus project. The TFC was chosen as the recipient of Diamond Eagles project funding in 2020.

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