Various artifacts of women's clothing

Donations and Gifts

Monetary Contributions

Financial gifts to the Texas Fashion Collection are made through the College of Visual Arts and Design and the University of North Texas. As part of a public institution, the TFC relies on the support of individuals and organizations to work towards our teaching and research goals. Contributions support many facets of our work, ranging from collections care and conservation materials to new acquisitions to add diversity to and complement our current holdings. 

To make a tax-deductible monetary donation online or by mail, please contact Felicia Lewis, senior director for development and fundraising. 

Object Donations

The TFC has benefitted from and appreciates a long history of generous donations of garments and dress-related objects. However, as resources for care and conservation of garments are limited, the TFC must be deliberate about the pieces that it accepts as part of its collection.  If you would like to offer an object for consideration, we request that you email photographs of the artifact(s) along with information about the history of the piece and its design or cultural significance. Unsolicited donations are not accepted and will be returned at the sender's expense, offered to an alternate organization, or be disposed of.

The TFC collects couture, high fashion, and principal ready-to-wear designs by American and international designers who have designed under their own name or in conjunction with the fashion industry. 

New acquisitions need to 

  • Represent a significant design aspect of dress,
  • Not duplicate artifacts already in the collection,
  • Be in pristine to good condition with no damage,
  • Include documentation of the garment's origin and use.


The TFC does not accept the following.

  • Military, scout, or nursing uniforms
  • Theatrical, Halloween, or performing arts costumes
  • Dress designed for pageants, festivals, or theme parties
  • Household items unrelated to dress, such as tablecloths, linens, quilts or samplers

Gift Process

Please be aware that the donation process takes time, especially if a donation is large or complex. The process is not complete until the donor has signed a Receipt of Gift form and returned it to the TFC. This becomes the deed of gift and a contract between the TFC and the donor who agrees to transfer ownership of the listed objects. If you plan to use the donation as a tax deduction, note that an appraisal for donation is required to be filed on an IRS tax form. Consulting an appraiser is solely up to an individual donor. The services of an appraiser include research, written descriptions, and the current market or replacement value during the year an item or group of items is donated. The TFC staff are not appraisers, nor can we assign values to any objects offered for consideration, as it would be a conflict of interest.