TFC Giving Societies

Texas Fashion Collection Giving Societies

The Texas Fashion Collection’s position as an accessible world-class repository of high fashion is ensured through support from our benefactors. Texas Fashion Collection giving societies honor and thank our donors for their instrumental contributions and direct resources towards mission-driven activities including preservation, digitization, public and academic programming, and research. 

Green iridescent feather vest on a mannequinFashioning Opportunities

The TFC preserves and presents thousands of garments and accessories, each embodying important ways of understanding the world. When people interact with the TFC’s artifacts through images, programming, and exhibitions, they relate their own stories to our collection, consider the ways in which they too are making history, and see new possibilities for the present and future. 

Impact of Your Gift

Your investment allows the TFC to continue to support research and innovation, grow its holdings, provide sustained care for artifacts, and remain a world-class collection. Your gift creates lasting impacts on current and future programs and enables us to maintain these significant initiatives on an annual basis.

  • Reach over 4,000 people annually through customized lectures and research appointments, with an emphasis on creating critical learning opportunities for UNT students.
  • Acquire more than 150 donated garments and accessories, expanding the design details and cultural stories our collection can share. If you’re interested in seeing recent acquisitions that your support makes possible, visit the TFC exhibits online in the UNT Digital Library.
  • Purchase 10 artifacts as rapid-response collecting, expanding the cultural and technological perspectives represented at the TFC and ensuring our collection's continued relevance to today's audiences and to future research.
  • Mount two to four exhibitions connecting fashion history with important social issues today, while deepening the cultural impact of the TFC and UNT on communities in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, in Texas, and beyond.
  • Lend unique garments and accessories to five cultural institutions nationally, placing TFC artifacts in conversation with other world-class museums and their audiences.
  • Digitizing TFC artifacts provides critical access that reaches beyond our physical spaces. Through a critical partnership with the UNT Digital Libraries, the TFC has made available over 35,000 images of our world-class artifacts, which have been internationally viewed online, presented in programming, and published.
  • Host six interns for college credit, creating professional development opportunities for students taking critical early steps in their careers as cultural leaders and thought innovators. Students receive behind-the-scenes access to museum practices, including collection photography, cataloging, and curatorial research. 



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Director, Texas Fashion Collection
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